Recap of My Top Essential Oils Uses Posted on Facebook’s OilSlick’d

“The Angels Gather around us, Abundance and Joy, in our quest to Magnify our Purpose.”

I said this and sprayed around my home (as my version of an air, carpet and furniture freshener).

Mixed with water in a spray bottle:
White Angelica
Magnify Your Purpose

Oils used in my gym water bottle were:


When I know my day will be consisting of me selling myself on my feet (expo’s, networking events and such), I put Abundance on feet “as I walk in the path of Abundance


GRATITUDE and ABUNDANCE  Chakra 2-7, aural area, temples.
“Thank you for making me rich”


I have so much fun with YL Essential Oils. Plus, I’m raising my personal energetic frequency. My goal is to vibrate at Love Or Above continuously.

Scale of Consciousness and Vibration

In light of the chaos happening worldwide I vibed on putting in my water before heading to the gym this morning this affirmed concoction:

Rose being the of the highest vibration next to Lotus. Or “My purpose is to accept the highest vibration”


Every so often, I go on this twice a day Lavender kick for about a week straight. I put Lavender on my face and in my hair. It’s amazing how it clarifies the skin and strengthens the collagen tone for that youthful look. As well as thickens hair as it rejuvenates the scalp.

I’ve been using Copiaba oil on my feet first thing in the morning. I swear it helps balance my cortisol levels so that at night I’m actually tired and can fall asleep. When I don’t do it, I’m wired! –Jen Springer


Sacred Frankincense and Lavender diffused in bedroom at while sleeping at night. Helps you connect with your higher mind.

A Higher Mind Connection

Magnify Your Purpose at ears, 3rd eye and crown chakra
“I am opening my ears, vision and higher connectivity to receive directions”

Surrender at throat and temples
“stop talking and thinking about my destiny”

INSPIRATION and DREAM CATCHER on my harmonizing necklace
“I am inspired to make my dreams come true”


We just had super sinful comfort food: PBJ French toast. Gluten free too! Nutmeg and Orange oil in the batter, yum


Ningxia Red



Hangover Cure! In case you party to hard this weekend (green beer thing), 2 ounces of Ningxia Red in 8 oz of water + 3 Essentialzymes. Do this before bed and in the morning. Works for me every time I over indulge.





Q&A’s on Facebook

Q:Are Pan-Away and Aroma-Sieze the best use for a very bum shoulder that won’t respond to massage or chiropractic? Should he add the V6 to rub it in better straight to the shoulder?
A:Shoulders are tricky ;0 My shoulder was due to liver and gallbladder issues. When I cleansed them it helped. I also like lemongrass, balsam and copiaba along with PanAway and AromaSiez


Q:I have a front-loading washing machine that is constantly growing mold…did you say add thieves in the laundry soap for mold? Thanks!
A:Oh I had one of those once, it stunk. I always had to keep the door open between cycles. I added 1 cap full of Thieves to each load. I also cleaned the rubber seal with Thieves. No more stinky!


Q:What oils specifically are great for pets? Dogs? Cats? I noticed that my dog LOVES lavender, but what else?
A:The oils for dogs and horses are the same as humans. Cats, until you become very proficient, use flower oils and resins.


Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

– Frank Outlaw


Aww, I already feel our bond growing

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