Have Your Social Media Marketing Plan Get What You’re Throwing Out There, to Stick!

Ping Pong Peanut Butter Sandwich

The game is simple right?
You have a service or product to sell.
You keep pitching until something sticks.

Well, kinda. But not really.
You see those kids hovering in the background to the left?
They were the pro’s at this game.

They invested money. In fact, in a game of $1 per minute and unlimited supply of ping pong balls; these kids spent an average of $5-$10 each. Sum that up with 6 kids who were determined to figure out how keep improving their personal and all time event records and you get a frenzy of junior analysts and coaches.

The goal obviously was how to deliver each ping pong (in your case, your product/ service presentation),

in an unpredictable environment of being outside with wind and getting them to stick

onto the peanut butter covered bread slice (again in your case, your customers, clients, prospects and future prospects).

Results for Monty: Monty spends $1 dollar, thinks the one bounce technique is how the game is played and gets 5 ping pong balls to stick.
Results for the Kids: Commit to spending $5-$10 per person and join forces to cumulatively invest approximately $50 in the cause.
Understand that each round is an experiment and that with an open mind and ability to apply constructive criticism (suggestions) new achievements can be made. With each round there were successes and failures.

By the time I left, these kids had figured out to get 20+ ping pong balls to stick on the peanut butter bread slice.


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