Does Drinking Coffee Have Benefits?

Coffee health benefits depend on the coffee! If it’s burnt and over roasted, not organic, and filled with sugar then drinking coffee benefits won’t be present.

Coffee that is organic and infrared roasted in a way that keeps it alkaline will be a great source of anti-oxidants. Recent research is proving coffee may help type II diabetics, Parkinson’s, and certain cancers. We all know how coffee can help us stay alert, but new studies are showing coffee may help memory.

Coffee delivers more anti-oxidants than green tea. We were surprised when we heard that info because tea is always promoted as being super healthy.

Researchers think it’s the anti-oxidants in coffee that are helping type II diabetics regulate blood sugar levels. Very cool! Green coffee beans have about 1000 anti-oxidants, brewing adds another 300. Some of these anti-oxidants are unique to coffee alone!

Next time you enjoy some organic properly roasted coffee, smile and feel good about the anti-oxidants you’re getting.

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