Reiki 1 Class: Masaru Emoto Rice Experiment

In September 2011 I took a Reiki I class as well as a Reiki I Animals class. Reiki Master Jen Springer had the class replicate the rice experiment of Masaru Emoto.

Jen suggested we send Reiki and positive thoughts to one bag of cooked rice, daily; the other bag of cooked rice was to receive our negative thoughts towards it’s existence, daily as well.

Being a rebel myself, I decided to see what happens with just one initial session of good vibes and bad vibes for each respective rice sample.

My one week results showed:








Above are both bags of rice side by side, the left picture is the front and the right picture is how they look when I flip them over to show the back side.

The left is the negative energy results and the right received Reiki and positive thoughts.

Upon closer look:








Negative Energy Front                                                    Positive Energy Front








Negative Energy Back                                                         Positive Energy Back

My expected result was that nothing would happen especially after only one session. I even forgot about the whole experiment the entire week until re-encountering the rice which was placed out of the way on a shelf.

Obviously my actual results were quite the contrary.

So what’s the take away message from this?

Certainly for me, it is that all those self-improvement books, seminars, videos and audios are for real. Each with a slightly different angle on the same premise.

Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Bob Proctor was about how thoughts do become things.

“The Secret” and it’s cast also covered how your thoughts shape your life.

Jim Rohn talked about the power of words and how to grammatically structure not only affirmations but everyday language to use.

Wayne Dyer talks about the power of  intentions among many other topics.

Many other well known authors and speakers will put their foot to your butt about where you are now is a direct result of what you have been doing in the past to get to this point.

The most applicable theory (I think) is called T.E.A.R.





The idea is that many fail in manifesting their thoughts of want/ need because they missed the middle steps of either being Emotionally charged about what they have in mind (thought) or putting into Action their Emotionally charged Thoughts in order to receive/ experience Results.

The only counter theory I have about this is my take on what the Apocalypse of 2012 is really about…

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