Drinking Caffeine in Coffee

Nervousness, anxiety, trembling, belly fat storage, heart palpitations, energy crashes, and even blood sugar imbalances have been linked as effects of drinking caffeine.

When a caffeinated beverage is drank or a pill is popped, the body gets a rush of caffeine all at once. This causes the problems just mentioned above.  What if there was another way?  There is, it’s called buffered caffeine.  It’s the only caffeine proven to negate fat storage and glucose (blood sugar) imbalances.  It actually burns fat.  Hello, a nice energy lift along with burning fat? Sign me up!

People who are extremely sensitive to caffeine can often use buffered caffeine. Jen used to get panic attacks from the drop in glucose levels and spike of adrenaline from caffeine. Even decaf would do it!  She can do buffered caffeine via B Skinnny Coffee. Even normal decaf gives her too much of an “all at  once” spike.  Cool huh?

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