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Winter of 2010-2011 was a bit rough in the U.S., and Fargo-Moorhead endured every bit of it.

So I vowed to myself,”next summer I’m going to get out and walk, run and bike around town as much as possible.”
And I did!
My “ah haa!” moment occurred with my first outing.
Businesses Hidden Everywhere
I found businesses everywhere that I never knew of before!
How do they stay in business?
Who knows that they even exist?
Where are their customers coming from?
I certainly knew that location, location, location is the selling point for real estate agents with business clients.
But as a small company and start-up companies for sure, the prime factor is limiting overhead until they reach the break-even point towards turning a real profit… which typically requires 2 years.
Now Fargo-Moorhead is a small to medium sized community of 200,000 with a dichotomous job sector of white collar and entry level high school and college jobs. It’s an educated town with 8 high schools and 8 college campuses. We are a mini Silicon Valley and a service industry driven economy. Manufacturing and other blue collar jobs are limited to primarily the Agricultural Industry. And yes, farming is big here as well.

Curiously, I regress towards the question, “how does a white collar service industry based population thrive?”
By large, we certainly don’t sell items that can be set out for customers to look at. We sell ourselves and the services we provide.
Many of you ought to know by now that word-of-mouth is the king of all sales methods. Happy customers refer others with high retention rates. However, this can be painstakingly SLOW.
Thankfully, the internet has evolved to the point where we socialize online now. Sure, getting out and seeing people is good and healthy and we need to as humans; but now we have tools that help guide us around.

Ever texted somebody, “where u @?”
Have you ever noticed how many people are glued to their smartphones while walking down the sidewalk?
Likely, these are cases where people are connecting to meet up or finding a sushi restaurant using Google or Foursquare or a similar application for mobile phone usage.

For those businesses that have marketing help in this emerging market through their parent corporation or franchise, being first to be found is inevitable.

To address the small business owner, I’ll bluntly say this
We as small business owners have the upper hand in this game. It’s called Social Media Networking. And as the name implies, we are the businesses with the ability to establish more personal relationships both in person and online. The beauty is that online relationships can flourish with activities related to your business. I thoroughly enjoy reading these online sayings:
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Latest facts (as of the date of this blog): only 15% of small businesses understand aaannnd have time to develop their Social Media presence.
The rest of you 85% either understand the importance, want to but just don’t have time to set it up OR you don’t get it and don’t know where to start.
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