Study Your Competition

How well do you know your competitors?
What do your competitors know about you?
Does your competition know you better than you know yourself?

Watch out for the new guy! He has probably studied every major player in his industry as part of his decision making process in whether or not to get into the game. Unfortunately, for the seasoned professional, keeping tabs on every new competitor is difficult because very little information is available early on.

So I ask you, are you the seasoned business professional? Or contrastingly, are you the fresh faced new business, just stepping up to bat in the business world?

Fresh New Business
Study, study, study.
Knowing your competition should be easy, their information should be readily available. As they need to let customers know that they exist as a company, often with a mission statement, a menu of services, hours of operation and contact information. Understanding who you are going up against can help you find a hidden niche and methods of getting on base with an opportunity to score. In the video above, who was working more?
I’m sure before the game, Casilla was working hard on studying his competition.
During the game, Ceda was working feverishly on trying to deliver a strike to take his competitor out of getting into a scoring position (or at least getting on base). Because Casilla figured out that Ceda has difficulty with pitching to an open plate, he could sit back and allow the seasoned professional to flounder with his performance in a seemingly uncontested opportunity.


Seasoned Professional
Stay sharp!
While it’s not easy to become one of the greats in your industry, it is very easy to become content, too content.
Learn who else has entered your industry and vying to take up your share of customers. Stay up to date with new developments, market trends, latest research and emerging sub-sectors of your industry. You do this and you will become a Hall of Famer… after all every professional strives to improve their performance it’s expected when you’re in the Big League.

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