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Drinking Coffee Side Effects

  Drinking coffee side effects include:   balanced blood sugar   fat burning   sustained energy   heartburn disappearing   curbs appetite   and boosts metabolism.   Well, that’s only if you have the right kind of coffee.   Most coffee isn’t organic, therefore you get chemical exposure. Chemicals lead to bloating and weight gain […]


Does Drinking Coffee Have Benefits?

Coffee health benefits depend on the coffee! If it’s burnt and over roasted, not organic, and filled with sugar then drinking coffee benefits won’t be present. Coffee that is organic and infrared roasted in a way that keeps it alkaline will be a great source of anti-oxidants. Recent research is proving coffee may help type […]


Drinking Caffeine in Coffee

Nervousness, anxiety, trembling, belly fat storage, heart palpitations, energy crashes, and even blood sugar imbalances have been linked as effects of drinking caffeine. When a caffeinated beverage is drank or a pill is popped, the body gets a rush of caffeine all at once. This causes the problems just mentioned above.  What if there was […]


Did you know coffee makes you store fat?

Even though coffee has no calories, it makes you store fat.  It messes up the blood sugar and insulin levels in the body which makes you hold fat, especially around the mid section. Doesn’t matter if it’s decaf or regular, it’s a proven fact with 25 years of research and science.  Why do you think […]