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Have Your Social Media Marketing Plan Get What You’re Throwing Out There, to Stick!

Ping Pong Peanut Butter Sandwich The game is simple right? You have a service or product to sell. You keep pitching until something sticks. Well, kinda. But not really. You see those kids hovering in the background to the left? They were the pro’s at this game. They invested money. In fact, in a game […]


Does Drinking Coffee Have Benefits?

Coffee health benefits depend on the coffee! If it’s burnt and over roasted, not organic, and filled with sugar then drinking coffee benefits won’t be present. Coffee that is organic and infrared roasted in a way that keeps it alkaline will be a great source of anti-oxidants. Recent research is proving coffee may help type […]


Recap of My Top Essential Oils Uses Posted on Facebook’s OilSlick’d

“The Angels Gather around us, Abundance and Joy, in our quest to Magnify our Purpose.” I said this and sprayed around my home (as my version of an air, carpet and furniture freshener). Mixed with water in a spray bottle: White Angelica Gathering Abundance Joy Magnify Your Purpose “My MOTIVATION INSPIRES my TRANSFORMATION in JOY […]


Searching Your Stomping Grounds

You know what you’re looking for: customers, clients, jobs, a mate, homes, cars,schools,… Toads! And you know what? They’re out there! Sure “you gotta to put yourself out there.” Yeah you may feel like you’re running around aimlessly. And you may get eaten up by life sucking pests in the process. But if you keep […]