Recap of My Top Essential Oils Uses Posted on Facebook’s OilSlick’d

“The Angels Gather around us, Abundance and Joy, in our quest to Magnify our Purpose.”

I said this and sprayed around my home (as my version of an air, carpet and furniture freshener).

Mixed with water in a spray bottle:
White Angelica
Magnify Your Purpose

Oils used in my gym water bottle were:


When I know my day will be consisting of me selling myself on my feet (expo’s, networking events and such), I put Abundance on feet “as I walk in the path of Abundance


GRATITUDE and ABUNDANCE  Chakra 2-7, aural area, temples.
“Thank you for making me rich”


I have so much fun with YL Essential Oils. Plus, I’m raising my personal energetic frequency. My goal is to vibrate at Love Or Above continuously.

Scale of Consciousness and Vibration

In light of the chaos happening worldwide I vibed on putting in my water before heading to the gym this morning this affirmed concoction:

Rose being the of the highest vibration next to Lotus. Or “My purpose is to accept the highest vibration”


Every so often, I go on this twice a day Lavender kick for about a week straight. I put Lavender on my face and in my hair. It’s amazing how it clarifies the skin and strengthens the collagen tone for that youthful look. As well as thickens hair as it rejuvenates the scalp.

I’ve been using Copiaba oil on my feet first thing in the morning. I swear it helps balance my cortisol levels so that at night I’m actually tired and can fall asleep. When I don’t do it, I’m wired! –Jen Springer


Sacred Frankincense and Lavender diffused in bedroom at while sleeping at night. Helps you connect with your higher mind.

A Higher Mind Connection

Magnify Your Purpose at ears, 3rd eye and crown chakra
“I am opening my ears, vision and higher connectivity to receive directions”

Surrender at throat and temples
“stop talking and thinking about my destiny”

INSPIRATION and DREAM CATCHER on my harmonizing necklace
“I am inspired to make my dreams come true”


We just had super sinful comfort food: PBJ French toast. Gluten free too! Nutmeg and Orange oil in the batter, yum


Ningxia Red



Hangover Cure! In case you party to hard this weekend (green beer thing), 2 ounces of Ningxia Red in 8 oz of water + 3 Essentialzymes. Do this before bed and in the morning. Works for me every time I over indulge.





Q&A’s on Facebook

Q:Are Pan-Away and Aroma-Sieze the best use for a very bum shoulder that won’t respond to massage or chiropractic? Should he add the V6 to rub it in better straight to the shoulder?
A:Shoulders are tricky ;0 My shoulder was due to liver and gallbladder issues. When I cleansed them it helped. I also like lemongrass, balsam and copiaba along with PanAway and AromaSiez


Q:I have a front-loading washing machine that is constantly growing mold…did you say add thieves in the laundry soap for mold? Thanks!
A:Oh I had one of those once, it stunk. I always had to keep the door open between cycles. I added 1 cap full of Thieves to each load. I also cleaned the rubber seal with Thieves. No more stinky!


Q:What oils specifically are great for pets? Dogs? Cats? I noticed that my dog LOVES lavender, but what else?
A:The oils for dogs and horses are the same as humans. Cats, until you become very proficient, use flower oils and resins.


Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

– Frank Outlaw


Aww, I already feel our bond growing

Searching Your Stomping Grounds

You know what you’re looking for: customers, clients, jobs, a mate, homes, cars,schools,… Toads!

And you know what?

They’re out there!

Sure “you gotta to put yourself out there.”

Yeah you may feel like you’re running around aimlessly. And you may get eaten up by life sucking pests in the process. But if you keep stomping the grounds and beating the bushes, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Interestingly, when putting positive energy into your search you may have voices of guidance directing you.

You may also see later that that which you were looking for, is coming in droves to you.

Study Your Competition

How well do you know your competitors?
What do your competitors know about you?
Does your competition know you better than you know yourself?

Watch out for the new guy! He has probably studied every major player in his industry as part of his decision making process in whether or not to get into the game. Unfortunately, for the seasoned professional, keeping tabs on every new competitor is difficult because very little information is available early on.

So I ask you, are you the seasoned business professional? Or contrastingly, are you the fresh faced new business, just stepping up to bat in the business world?

Fresh New Business
Study, study, study.
Knowing your competition should be easy, their information should be readily available. As they need to let customers know that they exist as a company, often with a mission statement, a menu of services, hours of operation and contact information. Understanding who you are going up against can help you find a hidden niche and methods of getting on base with an opportunity to score. In the video above, who was working more?
I’m sure before the game, Casilla was working hard on studying his competition.
During the game, Ceda was working feverishly on trying to deliver a strike to take his competitor out of getting into a scoring position (or at least getting on base). Because Casilla figured out that Ceda has difficulty with pitching to an open plate, he could sit back and allow the seasoned professional to flounder with his performance in a seemingly uncontested opportunity.


Seasoned Professional
Stay sharp!
While it’s not easy to become one of the greats in your industry, it is very easy to become content, too content.
Learn who else has entered your industry and vying to take up your share of customers. Stay up to date with new developments, market trends, latest research and emerging sub-sectors of your industry. You do this and you will become a Hall of Famer… after all every professional strives to improve their performance it’s expected when you’re in the Big League.

Social Media Sites in Fargo-Moorhead

Winter of 2010-2011 was a bit rough in the U.S., and Fargo-Moorhead endured every bit of it.

So I vowed to myself,”next summer I’m going to get out and walk, run and bike around town as much as possible.”
And I did!
My “ah haa!” moment occurred with my first outing.
Businesses Hidden Everywhere
I found businesses everywhere that I never knew of before!
How do they stay in business?
Who knows that they even exist?
Where are their customers coming from?
I certainly knew that location, location, location is the selling point for real estate agents with business clients.
But as a small company and start-up companies for sure, the prime factor is limiting overhead until they reach the break-even point towards turning a real profit… which typically requires 2 years.
Now Fargo-Moorhead is a small to medium sized community of 200,000 with a dichotomous job sector of white collar and entry level high school and college jobs. It’s an educated town with 8 high schools and 8 college campuses. We are a mini Silicon Valley and a service industry driven economy. Manufacturing and other blue collar jobs are limited to primarily the Agricultural Industry. And yes, farming is big here as well.

Curiously, I regress towards the question, “how does a white collar service industry based population thrive?”
By large, we certainly don’t sell items that can be set out for customers to look at. We sell ourselves and the services we provide.
Many of you ought to know by now that word-of-mouth is the king of all sales methods. Happy customers refer others with high retention rates. However, this can be painstakingly SLOW.
Thankfully, the internet has evolved to the point where we socialize online now. Sure, getting out and seeing people is good and healthy and we need to as humans; but now we have tools that help guide us around.

Ever texted somebody, “where u @?”
Have you ever noticed how many people are glued to their smartphones while walking down the sidewalk?
Likely, these are cases where people are connecting to meet up or finding a sushi restaurant using Google or Foursquare or a similar application for mobile phone usage.

For those businesses that have marketing help in this emerging market through their parent corporation or franchise, being first to be found is inevitable.

To address the small business owner, I’ll bluntly say this
We as small business owners have the upper hand in this game. It’s called Social Media Networking. And as the name implies, we are the businesses with the ability to establish more personal relationships both in person and online. The beauty is that online relationships can flourish with activities related to your business. I thoroughly enjoy reading these online sayings:
Beth, Sydney, Justin and 3 other people like Your Social Media Marketing Plan on Facebook
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Latest facts (as of the date of this blog): only 15% of small businesses understand aaannnd have time to develop their Social Media presence.
The rest of you 85% either understand the importance, want to but just don’t have time to set it up OR you don’t get it and don’t know where to start.
e-mail me:
text me: 701-261-9636
and set up a time to meet for coffee and talk.

Your Social Media Marketing Plan Presentation

Drinking Caffeine in Coffee

Nervousness, anxiety, trembling, belly fat storage, heart palpitations, energy crashes, and even blood sugar imbalances have been linked as effects of drinking caffeine.

When a caffeinated beverage is drank or a pill is popped, the body gets a rush of caffeine all at once. This causes the problems just mentioned above.  What if there was another way?  There is, it’s called buffered caffeine.  It’s the only caffeine proven to negate fat storage and glucose (blood sugar) imbalances.  It actually burns fat.  Hello, a nice energy lift along with burning fat? Sign me up!

People who are extremely sensitive to caffeine can often use buffered caffeine. Jen used to get panic attacks from the drop in glucose levels and spike of adrenaline from caffeine. Even decaf would do it!  She can do buffered caffeine via B Skinnny Coffee. Even normal decaf gives her too much of an “all at  once” spike.  Cool huh?

Did you know coffee makes you store fat?

Even though coffee has no calories, it makes you store fat.  It messes up the blood sugar and insulin levels in the body which makes you hold fat, especially around the mid section. Doesn’t matter if it’s decaf or regular, it’s a proven fact with 25 years of research and science.  Why do you think the first any diet guru says is to cut out coffee?  Now you know the bad news…

But if you’re a coffee lover like us you won’t settle for cutting out the java! There’s something so comforting about a warm creamy cup of the brown stuff.  Solution?

Drink BSkinny Coffee and fall in love all over again.

Suspense is in the Air


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